Values. Ethics. Mission.

Our Values.

To dream large. To pioneer the best. To boldly deliver world-class learning. To protect fiercely the rights of the individual to learn, grow and lead. To be a tool of change. To explore new frontiers of personal growth dynamics. 

Our Ethics

To honour the uniqueness, beliefs and courage of each person.


We are individuals coming together to grow as a community. We each have unique talents to offer others. Our experience, our upbringing & our passions create our unique print in the world.


How we live is based on our beliefs. Sometimes our beliefs serve us. Sometimes they hold us back. It is in truthful discovery that we open our minds, our hearts and our souls to embrace beliefs that serve us.


Without courage, hope is an empty word. With courage, hopes and dreams are the birthplace of future goals. The future we desire is only possible because of today's hopes and dreams - and the courage to act.

Our Mission.

To lead with vision. To turn vision into action. To make a difference in the lives of those wanting to build courage. To plant seeds of future growth in all who desire change.


About Barbara Grace

Barbara Grace

Barbara Grace lives with courage and determination founded in a deep passion to continue growing and learning. She's a woman building a future orientation for those desiring change. The sort of change that requires action - one step at a time - for that is the only path each one of us can take - one step at a time.